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Pirates officially sign Jung-Ho Kang

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

11:39am: Kang's $11 million total includes a $1 million buyout on his 2019 option, which is for $5.5 million, Tom Singer writes. If Kang is any good at all, this contract will be a steal; if not, he'll basically be Jose Tabata, which is no big deal. It's hard to see much downside here.

11:37am: Kang will get $11 million guaranteed over four years, plus the option, Heyman writes. The Pirates will, of course, have to pay the $5 million-ish posting fee. That's cheaper than had previously been reported.

10:55am: The Pirates have announced that they've signed Jung-Ho Kang to a four-year deal with an option for 2019. Kang will wear no. 27.

Terms of the deal haven't yet been disclosed, although Jim Bowden previously reported that Kang would get around $16 million, although Jon Heyman says the deal is worth "$11 million plus," whatever that means.

Kang came to Pittsburgh earlier this week and took his physical yesterday, so the timing here comes as no surprise. Much about his role with the Pirates likely remains to be determined, perhaps in part because the Pirates really don't know what they have here. He might or might not be a good big-league starter. He might be (but probably isn't) a shortstop. And so on. He could start the season with Indianapolis, but if he does he likely won't be there long. He's a good candidate to join Chris Stewart, Corey Hart, Travis Snider and Sean Rodriguez on the Pirates' bench, although given Kang's off-the-charts numbers in Korea, there's reason for fans to hope he can be more than just a bench player.