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Jung-Ho Kang contract details

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Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

The AP has the details on Jung-Ho Kang's new four-year deal with the Pirates. Kang will receive salaries of $2.5 million, $2.5 million, $2.75 million and $3 million over the next four seasons, plus a $250,000 buyout on his $5.5 million team option for 2019. He'll also get $75,000 each time he reaches 475 plate appearances; $100,000 for reaching 500, 525 and 550, $175,000 for reaching 575, and $200,000 for reaching 600. So, essentially, if he becomes an everyday player and stays healthy, he'll get an extra $750,000 per season. Kang will also get some relatively small allowances for travel and for his interpreter.

Finally, the Pirates will have to release Kang at the end of his deal. I think technically they'll have to non-tender him. That means they can't take advantage of the fact that he won't yet have six years of service time and simply take him to arbitration. That's a fairly standard contract clause for veterans from overseas. It should prevent the Pirates from extending a qualifying offer at the end of Kang's deal -- the Tigers, for example, can't extend Yoenis Cespedes a qualifying offer at the end of this season, because his deal forces his team to non-tender him. Hisashi Iwakuma can't get one either. Of course, that will only be a disappointment if Kang turns out to be a very good player.