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Marlins sign former Pirates Vin Mazzaro, Ryan Reid

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Marlins have announced that they've signed former Pirates pitchers Vin Mazzaro and Ryan Reid to minor-league deals.

Mazzaro, of course, had a fine season for the Pirates in 2013 but attracted little interest in 2014 from either the Bucs, who kept him in the minors most of the year, or from other teams, who declined to claim him either time the Pirates designated him for assignment. Part of that was likely his uninspiring peripherals, but part was that the Pirates had agreed to pay him more than the league minimum. In another era, a pitcher with numbers like Mazzaro's would obviously be a big-league-caliber reliever, particularly given his ability to work multiple innings. But now, in a time where seemingly every team has cheap youngsters throwing 96 MPH, there isn't much demand for him.

The same is true of Reid. In 2013, he got excellent results at Indianapolis and in 11 innings in Pittsburgh, but he spent the entire 2014 season with the Mets' Triple-A affiliate and faces an uphill battle to make it back to the big leagues.