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Brewers pursuing Jonathan Papelbon trade

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Brewers are pursuing a trade for Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon. There's no way to know whether this will be a good move without knowing how much salary the Brewers are taking on or who they're giving up. As much concern-trolling as there's been (including from me) about Papelbon's diminishing velocity and strikeout rate, he's still been effective. For the right price, maybe this will be a little like the Pirates' trade for A.J. Burnett back in 2012 (although I doubt it) -- an underpay for an outspoken but talented veteran. But I'm still watching these developments with curiosity, for two reasons:

1) Adding the abrasive Papelbon would make the Brewers that much easier to hate.

2) It's unclear why the Brewers are pursuing an expensive closer right after trading Yovani Gallardo to Texas. The Brewers do have Jimmy Nelson to step into Gallardo's spot in the rotation, but Gallardo (and prospects) for Papelbon (and prospects) still generally isn't the type of deal you'd like to see your team make.