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Pirates, Orioles reportedly close to Snider trade

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

A pair of Baltimore writers are reporting that the Pirates and Orioles are close to a deal involving Travis Snider.  The prospective trade involves a pitcher and "possibly" another player who may or may not be a pitcher.  Both would be non-40-man-roster players.

Such a trade would clearly weaken the Pirates' bench, as well as depriving them of a proven alternative for right field in case Gregory Polanco continues to struggle.  That being the case, it would make no sense for the team to give up Snider without getting a very meaningful return.

A trade of Snider would also put Jose Tabata back in the picture for the fourth outfielder job.  Tabata's rapidly disappearing speed - an important part of his game - makes him considerably less than a safe option.  Andrew Lambo thus might reappear as an outfield possibility.