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Pirates have 5 prospects in Keith Law's top 100

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pirates have five prospects in Keith Law's top 100 list (Insider-only): Tyler Glasnow at No. 12, Austin Meadows at No. 32, Jameson Taillon at No. 36, Josh Bell at No. 60 and Alen Hanson at No. 89. Jung-Ho Kang was not eligible for the list, since Law does not consider Japanese or Korean pros to be prospects.

Law calls Glasnow a future potential MLB strikeout leader, although he notes that his changeup is still below average. He suggests Meadows profiles as a right fielder, but says that he could be a star there if his power improves. And he says Bell should eventually hit 20 to 25 homers per season with a good batting average, giving him enough offense regardless of what position he ends up playing.

The Cubs land two players (Kris Bryant and Addison Russell) in the top five, plus another, Jorge Soler, at No. 14 and a fourth, Kyle Schwarber, near the bottom of the list. The Reds have two prospects, Jesse Winker and Robert Stephenson, near the end of the top 50. The Cardinals have four prospects, but all in the bottom 50, and the Brewers only one.

EDIT: Keith will be joining me Thursday at 4 pm on 970 ESPN. --David Todd