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Quiz: Pirates shortstops since 2005

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

During slow times last offseason, I made some quizzes. Here's a new one, which asks you to name every Pirates shortstop (that is, everyone who played shortstop for any period of time in a regular-season game) in the last ten seasons. Last names only will do.

As Jason Kendall might say, welcome to hell. This one is diabolical. There are about four shortstops everyone will remember (including the guy pictured above), then a smattering of utility-infielder types from the last couple years you're bound to get, and then this quiz will send you down the rabbit hole. Good luck, and no cheating. And by the way, the two guys who last played in 2005 are pretty much impossible.

Post your scores in the comments, but try to be sensitive about revealing answers.