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Notes: Pirates outright Jake Elmore


A few notes on a slow day:

-P- The Pirates have outrighted infielder Jake Elmore, who they designated for assignment when they added Jung-Ho Kang to their roster. This is a nice bit of news -- Elmore is solid minor-league depth, and unlike certain other Triple-A infielder types the Pirates have had, there's at least a prayer he would hit a little if called to action in the big leagues.

-P- Jeff Sullivan of FOX Sports argues that Starling Marte could be an MVP candidate this season. Sullivan explains why Marte's second half was better than his first, and suspects that his improvements might be largely sustainable.

-P- names Austin Meadows baseball's eighth best outfield prospect.

-P- The Brewers have agreed to terms with lefty Neal Cotts, who will likely fill some sort of late-inning role along with Jonathan Broxton and Will Smith. Cotts isn't a proven closer, but this move would still seem to make it less likely that the Brewers trade for Jonathan Papelbon.