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Jung-Ho Kang's agent 'confident' he and Pirates can strike deal

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Jung-Ho Kang's agent, Alan Nero, says he thinks his client and the Pirates will reach a deal, Bill Brink writes.

"At this point, I feel confident we’ll come to an agreement," Alan Nero, Kang’s agent, told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Wednesday.

"The process has been very positive. [General manager] Neal [Huntington] has tried very hard to basically come to the table with an offer."

Nero adds that he's surprised the Pirates won the bidding for Kang, since they hadn't been the team that appeared most interested in him.

The Pirates have about two more weeks to negotiate with Kang, and I wouldn't make anything of the fact that they've taken this long. No one seems to think signability will be an issue, so I would expect the Pirates to extend some sort of reasonable offer and Kang to accept it. The real uncertainty isn't in whether Kang will sign, but in what the Bucs will be getting once he does. As we've discussed elsewhere, Kang is in a unique situation as the top hitter from the KBO coming to US baseball.