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Pirates reportedly close to 4-year deal with Jung-Ho Kang

Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

The Pirates are close to signing Jung-Ho Kang to a deal that will seemingly be for four years, Jon Heyman writes. The Bucs have about 10 days to continue negotiating with Kang before their exclusive negotiating window expires. Every indication before this was that the Pirates' winning bid for Kang was serious and not just a ploy to block another team, and this news seems to confirm it -- the Bucs look like they're on the verge of signing Kang to a deal that ought to be similar to what he was seeking. (The financials of the deal aren't entirely clear just yet, however.)

Kang will be 28 in April, so a four-year deal would buy out his age-28 through age-31 seasons. It's unclear what kind of player he'll be, but a four-year contract should get the remainder of his prime.

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The Pirates' plans for Kang still aren't clear, but there will likely be a press conference when the signing is complete, and we'll find out more about whether Kang will start the season in the big leagues and what his likely role will be (backup infielder, probably) if he does.

UPDATE 3:34pm: The deal should be complete by the middle of next week, Jon Morosi tweets.