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NL Wild Card Game: Bob Walk to throw first pitch, Petrina McCutchen to sing anthem

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

A few details for tomorrow's Wild Card matchup against the Cubs:

First Pitch: The ceremonial first pitch will be thrown by former Pirates right-hander and current broadcaster Bob Walk.

National Anthem: The National Anthem will be performed by Petrina McCutchen, Mother of Pirates five-time All-Star Andrew McCutchen.

At the lines: Today Pirates staff and players, including Pirates rookie Jung Ho Kang, will be introduced to the crowd in a pregame ceremony.

I have no problem with Walk, although there was a groundswell on Twitter for Kang to throw the first pitch, which I think would have been infinitely cooler. Still, I'm glad he'll be there. As for McCutchen's mom, well, she's done this before.

The gates tomorrow will open at 5:30, with activities beginning and food trucks opening on Federal Street at 4:00. Federal Street will close at 10:00.

All fans entering the park will receive black rally towels, which will hopefully be hard to see against the black clothing all fans are supposed to be wearing.