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Huntington: Byung-Ho Park not the best fit beyond 2016

Atsushi Tomura/Getty Images

Neal Huntington explains to's Mark Bowman why the Pirates didn't end up submitting the top bid for Byung-Ho Park:

"We felt Kang's success would influence the market and would drive up the post."

"At the same time, we looked at how Park would fit on our club," Huntington said. "It looks like 2016 is a natural fit, but when you start looking at 2017 and beyond, we have a young player in Josh Bell that we think has a chance to be a really good Major League player." ...

"As we looked at how we allocated resources not only for [2016], but for 2017 and beyond, we felt a post of the size we anticipated it being would influence and impact our ability to do what we want to do as we move forward," Huntington said.

It's not clear from Huntington's language whether the Pirates actually submitted a bid for Park, and I don't remember seeing that information anywhere. It sounds like if they did, though, it might have been a nominal one that they didn't expect to be competitive.

I would have been excited if the Pirates had won the bidding for Park, but Huntington's thinking sounds pretty close to what I imagined. The Bucs' need at first base will hopefully be a short-term one, and yet Park will require a long-term deal. If they had signed Park, there would have been nowhere for Bell to play. And Park was not and will not be the bargain Jung-Ho Kang was, thanks to Kang's success.