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Andrew McCutchen wins 4th Silver Slugger award

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew McCutchen won his fourth straight Silver Slugger award Thursday night. The winners in the National League:

Catcher: Buster Posey
First base: Paul Goldschmidt
Second base: Dee Gordon
Third base: Nolan Arenado
Shortstop: Brandon Crawford
Outfielders: Bryce Harper, Andrew McCutchen, Carlos Gonzalez
Pitcher: Madison Bumgarner

Harper and McCutchen were probably pretty obvious choices. I might have gone with David Peralta ahead of Gonzalez. Anyway, that McCutchen was an obvious pick for the award in what was arguably a slightly down season tells you most of what you need to know about him. He got off to a terrible start in April, but didn't post a monthly OPS below .914 in any month between May and August en route to a season in which he was, yet again, easily the Pirates' best hitter. McCutchen finished at .292/.401/.488, posting numbers close to his typical .300/.400/.500 season. And unlike, say, Gonzalez, McCutchen produces the way he does while playing half his games in a ballpark that's tough on power. Congrats to the Bucs' best player on yet another well-deserved award.