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Pedro Alvarez reportedly wants Pirates to trade him

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Pedro Alvarez wants the Pirates to trade him, CBS Sports' Jon Heyman writes. Heyman's report does not indicate that Alvarez has asked for a trade, only that Alvarez has told people around him that he would like one. If the Pirates do decide to bring Alvarez back, Alvarez has little recourse, so it's not impossible that the Bucs could work things out with him and still play him next year. In my opinion, though, it seems more likely that they'll trade or non-tender him, particularly since they seemed to be at least considering proceeding without him anyway.

If the Pirates do decide to trade Alvarez, there's a decent chance that could happen soon. The non-tender deadline is December 2, so if the Bucs don't see Alvarez as part of their plans for next season, it would probably be best to trade him before that. Today's signing of left-handed first baseman Jake Goebbert to a big-league deal seems like a hedge against the possibilities that Alvarez won't be back, and that the Pirates won't be able to find a higher-profile replacement for him.