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Pirates rumors: Trevor Cahill considering signing with Bucs

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Hey all, sorry for the delay on this, but I'm catching up after a weekend of travel. Buster Olney reported yesterday that Trevor Cahill was considering taking what would appear to be a short-term deal with the Bucs.

We've already discussed Cahill here and here and here. Since he's looking for a short-term deal, he and the Pirates look like good fits for one another. He's young, he gets ground balls, he got great results in the second half, and he's capable of starting or relieving. And as Olney suggests, J.A. Happ is the latest in a series of pitchers to cash in after receiving help from the Bucs' coaches.

Of course, the news that the Pirates have a shot at signing Trevor Cahill will be no comfort to fans still distressed over Happ's departure to Toronto, and understandably so. The Bucs have serious needs in their rotation, and Cahill should not be their top starting pitching acquisition this winter. If he is, that will be a serious disappointment. Cahill does, however, appear to this outsider to be a good candidate to pitch well under Ray Searage.