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Rule 5 Draft likely to be relatively quiet for Pirates

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David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

The Winter Meetings will conclude this morning with the Rule 5 Draft, which starts at 10:00. Here's an open thread.

Pirates minor leaguers haven't figured heavily in any previews I've read, but the Rule 5 is so unpredictable that you really never know. (A few of the top Pirates players left unprotected: Clay Holmes, Barrett Barnes, Dan Gamache, Luis Heredia.)

The Phillies are expected to take Rays outfielder Tyler Goeddel with the first pick, with the Reds possibly taking Yankees outfielder Jake Cave after that. Beyond that, it's wide open. It would be surprising, however, if the Pirates made a selection in the major league phase -- they have a good roster and are trying to compete, and it will be hard to find a player who can really contribute right away, particularly with 28 teams owning the rights to pick before them. So the main question is who, if anyone, they stand to lose.