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Pirates interested in Mat Latos

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Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

It's the latest in a long string of "Pirates interested in" posts! Take them with a grain of salt if you need to. The Pirates have interest in free agent starting pitcher Mat Latos, Travis Sawchik writes, noting that Latos would provide them with a higher-upside arm to complement new acquisition Jon Niese, who, at least on the surface, looks like more of a high-floor, lower-upside type. (Of course, every pitcher is an injury risk, so no pitcher actually has a high floor, but you can see what Sawchik is getting at.)

Latos posted a 4.95 ERA while pitching for three teams in 2015, but his peripherals (7.7 K/9, 2.5 BB/9) suggest better, and he only just turned 28 and had a long track record of productivity before that. I originally didn't buy in too heavily to speculation that he could emerge as a Bucs target, due to things like his comments about the Reds after they traded him and the fact that his wife isn't the biggest fan of the Pirates. But who knows, especially about concerns regarding Latos' comments about the Reds -- A.J. Burnett didn't have the greatest clubhouse rep when the Pirates traded for him, and by the end of his first year in Pittsburgh he'd emerged as a sort of folk hero.