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Cubs agree to terms with Jason Heyward

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Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Cubs have agreed to terms with Jason Heyward on some gargantuan deal, the exact terms of which are unknown.

For the Pirates, this is sort of a wash in that Heyward has just bounced from one NL Central team to another, but bad in that the Cubs are loaded now and look like clear favorites in the division, if they weren't already. They've now added Heyward, John Lackey and Ben Zobrist to a team that was already excellent. Also, Heyward apparently joined Zobrist in taking less than his top offer to play with the Cubs, suggesting that Joe Maddon and the Cubs' base of talent have made them a highly desirable destination for top free agents.

As for Heyward ... he's really good, and a small part of me is glad that we now live in a world where a wide swath of baseball fans can agree that that's true. He's a monster defensively, he's a terrific baserunner, there isn't really anything he does badly as a hitter, and his youth gives him upside other free agents lack. 15 years ago he might have been dismissed as a disappointing player who doesn't hit enough home runs, but actually, he's an incredibly well-rounded player who helps his teams win. I'm only sorry that team will now be the Cubs.