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Pirates showed interest in Bronson Arroyo

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Pirates are one of a number of teams to have checked in on free agent starter Bronson Arroyo, Jayson Stark writes.

Much about the Pirates' pitching acquisitions has been mysterious to me in recent years, and they've generally worked out brilliantly, but this one and the recent Ryan Vogelsong signing have me wondering whether Neal Huntington is trying to recreate the story of the guy who traded a paper clip for a house, or whether he's just elaborately trolling Dave Littlefield by showing interest in pitchers who will remind Littlefield of his past failures, or what. (And boy, was Littlefield's decision to drop Arroyo from the Pirates' roster instead of luminaries like Jim Mann and Matt Herges ever one of them.)

Anyway, who knows whether the Pirates still have interest in Arroyo now that they've signed Vogelsong, or whether Arroyo would mind a stint in the minors at age 39. He was showing significant signs of slipping even before his injury, so it's not clear what the upside would be here. Maybe the Bucs only called as a courtesy. The Pirates have gotten a ton of mileage from pitchers with flaws, but even with that in mind, Arroyo wouldn't be an inspiring addition.