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Tim Neverett leaves Pirates for Boston

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David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Pirates play-by-play broadcaster Tim Neverett has left the Pirates and ROOT Sports to become the Red Sox' play-by-play radio host. He spent seven seasons with the Bucs.

Through the Pirates, Frank Coonelly released a statement on Neverett's departure.

"Tim has been a consummate professional and a passionate ambassador of Pirates baseball for the last seven years. During that time, Tim has called many great Pirates moments and has been an important part of a team that brings Pirates baseball to our fans with heart and genuine passion.

"We thank Tim for his many contributions to the Pirates organization and our community and wish Tim the very best as he begins a new chapter in his career with the Red Sox.

"We have already begun what will be an extensive search to nd a new play-by-play broadcaster who brings a high-level of energy and passion for the game of baseball, the Pirates organization and making a difference in the lives of those in our community."

Jokes about his depth perception aside (and hey, it is really hard to tell from up in the press box what's going on with fly balls), Neverett did a nice job with the Pirates. It's amazing that it's been seven years. Neverett went to high school in New Hampshire and went to college in Boston, so this represents something of a homecoming for him. Here's hoping he's as happy in his new gig as longtime Pirate Greg Brown seems to be in his current one.