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Dodgers sign Scott Kazmir

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

The Dodgers have announced that they've signed Scott Kazmir, who was briefly connected to the Bucs earlier this month. Kazmir receives a $48 million guarantee (with some deferrals), but with an opt-out clause after this season. One of this offseason's key developments has been teams' increased willingness to grant opt-out clauses, and it's especially remarkable that Kazmir received one, given his struggles down the stretch this season and his somewhat sketchy history (although it's worth noting that the Dodgers would likely collect a draft pick if Kazmir exercises his).

Kazmir's signing further shrinks the starting pitching market, which is basically down to Wei-Yin Chen, Kenta Maeda, Ian Kennedy, Yovani Gallardo and a bunch of guys who don't appear to be that good. At this point, I'm not holding my breath that the Pirates will acquire someone who appears to be an obvious upgrade. There are also, of course, some reclamation types still available, like Doug Fister and Mat Latos.