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Aroldis Chapman potentially leaving NL Central

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UPDATE: Chapman was allegedly involved in an incident of domestic violence in October, and the trade seems to be in limbo for now.


The Pirates haven't yet done anything of note at the Winter Meetings, but here's one bit of good news, at least in the short-term -- the Reds have struck a deal to send Aroldis Chapman to the Dodgers, so he's leaving the NL Central.

Chapman would have been a free agent after the season anyway, and the Reds will of course be getting something back for him (although we don't know what). But I'm tired of the Pirates having to deal with the guy. He allowed one run and struck out 16 batters in 10.1 innings against the Bucs this season; about 15 percent of his innings last season came against the Pirates. He's allowed four runs while whiffing 72 Pirates in 40 innings in his career. He's impossible, and it will be nice for the Bucs to face a Reds team that doesn't shorten games the way he did.

Bon voyage, Aroldis. And although the Pirates never really did much against you, they'll always have this.