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Dry Land: A great holiday gift for Pirates fans

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Forgive me for being crass. I'll only do this once. Or, well, at least until March.

If you started reading Bucs Dugout in the past year, you might not know that before last season, I released a book about Pirates fans. It's called Dry Land. If you did already know that, please consider that Christmas is coming up and there's still plenty of time to buy a copy or three for the Pirates fan(s) in your life.

The book is available from Createspace and Amazon. You can check out excerpts at Bucs Dugout and Baseball Prospectus, and you can read a review at Pittsburgh Magazine or listen to an interview about the book at WESA.

Dry Land follows Pirates fans through their streak of 20 straight losing seasons, and it wrangles with big questions about what it means to be a fan and why, exactly, the Pirates maintained their power over us in one losing season after another. But it also has a happy ending, following the Bucs through their streak-breaking 2013 season and their playoff run that year. If you live and breathe Pirates baseball, Dry Land is about you, and for you. And again, it makes a great gift.

That's all. Thanks for reading. Now back to Winter Meetings coverage.