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Pirates reportedly interested in Mark Reynolds

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David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

The Pirates are one of several teams interested in free agent first baseman Mark Reynolds, Jon Heyman tweets.

From the Pirates' perspective, this doesn't make much sense. Reynolds probably actually is a better player than Pedro Alvarez since his defense is a bunch better, and he'd also have the advantage of being able to play third for short periods. He'll also cost less than Alvarez would have if the Pirates had tendered him.

He is, however, right-handed, and having both Reynolds and Michael Morse on the roster at the same time might not be the best use of a roster spot. And it isn't as if Reynolds is so good that he makes that problem irrelevant. Offensively, he and Alvarez are very similar players, but Reynolds' issues hitting for average are even more extreme. There aren't many semi-regular players in baseball who are bigger threats than Reynolds to fall below the Mendoza Line. So unless there's a trade involving Morse in the works, I'm not sure why the Bucs would have interest in Reynolds.