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Paul Maholm signs with Reds

Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images

The Reds have announced that they've signed former Pirate Paul Maholm to a minor-league deal.

Maholm signed with a deal with the Dodgers last year that I thought was weirdly under market, but maybe teams knew something I didn't, because Maholm was awful, posting a 4.84 ERA with just 4.3 K/9 in a bit over 70 innings before tearing his ACL. (He's apparently now healthy.)

Maholm maintained his usual solid ground ball rate in 2014 and isn't yet 33, so maybe he has a second act left in him. When you're signing a minor-league deal with a likely non-contender in February, though, you're probably near the end. Maholm pitched most of his prime in Pittsburgh. He wasn't great, but he helped the Pirates trudge through some ugly years, and it would have been interesting to see how his peak might have gone if the Pirates had managed to put good defenses behind him.