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Notes: Pirates lead majors with 3 taken to arbitration

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Notes for Sunday:

-P- Yesterday at MLBTR, I wrote about the 14 arbitration hearings this year. Three of those involved the Pirates (Neil Walker, Pedro Alvarez and Vance Worley). That total is higher than any other team. All teams combined took a total of three players to arbitration in the previous two offseasons. I'm not sure if there's a trend here, or whether there will be any lingering bitterness between the Pirates and their players. My guess is no in both cases, but it's been interesting to see teams and agents take more of a hard-line stance this year.

-P- Travis Sawchik profiles a local company that's developed a new product to objectively analyze a batter's swing.

-P- The Blue Jays signed former Indianapolis outfielder Chris Dickerson, and the Reds signed former Indianapolis pitcher Daniel Cabrera.

-P- B.J. Upton will go by "Melvin Upton, Jr." this season.