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Pirates acquire minor leaguer Edward Salcedo

According to Pirates Prospects, the Pirates have traded RHP Bryton Trepagnier to Atlanta for infielder/outfielder Edward Salcedo.  Trepagnier, who's 23, has made good progress pitching in relief the last two years, but he's still more suspect than prospect.  He spent last year with Bradenton, going 4-1-9, 2.53, with a 1.26 WHIP, but a walk rate (5.6 per nine innings) nearly as high as his strikeout rate (6.8).

Salcedo, also 23, has a career minor league line of 235/303/381.  He's made regular appearances on Baseball America's list of the Braves' top 30 prospects, ranking as high as 6th after the 2011 season.  He ranked 12th after 2013, but dropped to 31st after 2014, following a 212/294/357 showing in AAA.  Salcedo is a toolsy player who hasn't developed a consistent feel for the game and also hasn't found a defensive home.  He started off at short, moved to third, and by mid-2014 moved to right.  The fact that he reached AAA at age 22 shows he has some ability, or at least that Atlanta thought so.  The Pirates may be short on outfielders in AA, so he could end up at Altoona.  At any right, he's an interesting flier and cost nothing of note.