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Notes: Pirates' draft picks improve with James Shields signing

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Some notes for Monday:

-P- As you probably saw, the Padres continued their splashy offseason by agreeing to terms with James Shields for $75 million. I'm not sure I love the Padres' offseason -- they've added a ton of sluggers who don't play great defense and whose numbers are likely to decline in PETCO Park. As Dave Cameron points out, though, the Padres have made themselves relevant, and if things break right, they could wind up in the playoffs.

-P- As a result of the Shields deal, the Padres will lose the No. 13 overall pick, since Shields rejected the Royals' qualifying offer. That moves the Pirates up to No. 19 for their first-round pick and No. 32 for the pick they gained when Russell Martin signed with Toronto. Their later picks will remain the same, since the Royals will gain a compensation pick for losing Shields.

-P- Travis Sawchik looks at the Shields deal with a comparison between the Padres' and Pirates' TV contracts.

-P- And here's Pat Lackey on Gregory Polanco.