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Bucs Dugout looking for additional writers

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Hey all,

Bucs Dugout is looking for a new writer or two for the 2016 season. Specifically, I'd like someone who can cover one to two game recaps per week. The new writer would also have the ability to write features, cover breaking news, and so on, although that's not mandatory.

This would not begin as a paid position. It could eventually become one (several current BD writers are paid), but the amount of money involved would be quite small. If your primary concern is getting paid, applying for this gig is not the way to do it.

I'll give priority to regular Bucs Dugout commenters and to people who have a significant track record of writing about the Pirates elsewhere. Fans of other teams need not apply. Many emails I get from writers offering to work for BD are from young writers or journalism majors who are looking for any kind of sports writing experience. If that's you, I appreciate where you're coming from, but you're probably not what I'm looking for. I want writers who already know a lot about the Pirates, and who can engage with a readership that's already knowledgeable about the team.

Please send a sample of your writing -- it can be a FanPost, a blog post written elsewhere, a particularly thoughtful Bucs Dugout comment, whatever. Also, please send me your Bucs Dugout screen name, if you have one, and include a few sentences to give me a sense of who you are (where you live, what you do for a living, any relevant work experience, that kind of thing). If you applied last year, please feel free to apply again.

I will probably ask some of the best applicants to answer additional questions. I might not be able to respond to all applications, so please don't take offense if you don't hear back.

Please send everything to, not to my regular email address.