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Brewers ban high-fives amidst pinkeye outbreak

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

We really should be above laughing at stuff like this, but ... no, actually, this is funny.

"We've been going through it for a while, and it seems like a couple more show up every day," manager Ron Roenicke said.

"Trying to stay away from it. We can't have it go through the whole clubhouse," he said.

For now, Milwaukee players are supposed to avoid high-fives and instead tap elbows or bump batting glove-covered fists.

Jonathan Lucroy, Yadiel Rivera, Juan Centeno and pitching coach Rick Kranitz have all had pinkeye. The Brewers are also dealing with an outbreak of flu-like symptoms.

Of course, controlling these kinds of things begins with not being disgusting. Mike Fiers on the pinkeye problem:

"I just don't want to catch it," he said. "Just try to be sanitary. Wash your hands after everything you do, be careful and don't put your hands in your eyes or your mouth. Just try to stay as clean as possible."

Good advice, Brewers. In the meantime, have fun dealing with this gross, but not medically serious, problem.