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Bucs Dugout welcomes Bill Pollak, Eli Nellis and Joshua Choudhury

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Hey all, thanks to everyone who expressed interest in writing for Bucs Dugout. We're bringing aboard three new writers as a result, and I'm thrilled to have all of them.

Bill Pollak and Eli Nellis will be helping me out with game recaps this year. You might know Bill from the terrific Romo Phone Home, or from his performances around town as blues singer Billy Price. Eli spent several years writing about sports for the Indiana Gazette and is featured prominently in Dry Land. They're both passionate fans whose writing should fit very well with the tone of the site.

Joshua Choudhury works as a data analyst in Washington, D.C., and he attracted my attention with this brilliant article about Brandon Inge. He probably won't write many recaps and will instead on analytical articles.

There might be a fourth new writer who joins later, but I wanted to introduce these three now, because Bill made his debut this afternoon with a recap of the Pirates' game against the Astros. I'm excited to have them contributing to the site, and I hope you'll join me in welcoming them.