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Pirates still plan to have Jung-Ho Kang start season in majors

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Neal Huntington says the Pirates still plan to have Jung-Ho Kang begin the season in the big leagues.

“We have every intent in the world of him helping us winning games at the Major League level beginning Opening Day,” Huntington said, before listing off the things they like about Kang. “We like the bat speed. We love the power. We like what he’s been able to do defensively at short, at third, at second.”

Kang hit a memorable homer early in the spring, but has otherwise struggled, and the Pirates had him take several days off early this week to work on his timing. I don't think having him start the season in the minors would be a terrible idea, given all the adjustments he's having to make both on and off the field, but the Pirates are obviously closer to the situation than I am.

It also sounds like the Pirates' plans for the rotation haven't changed -- Vance Worley and Jeff Locke are still fighting for the fifth spot. The Bucs still plan to go with Charlie Morton in the rotation to start the season despite his recent struggles, although that could change if Morton doesn't look good in his next Spring Training start.