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Francisco Liriano to miss start due to birth of child

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Francisco Liriano will not make his scheduled start on Sunday, Travis Sawchik tweets.

Congratulations to Liriano, although I hope an additional kid won't give him excuses to "surprise" them and end up on the DL.

Anyway, that means Vance Worley will start tomorrow against Jimmy Nelson and Sadler will go Sunday against Kyle Lohse. Gerrit Cole will start Monday and A.J. Burnett will pitch Tuesday against the Tigers, with Liriano pitching Wednesday.

Sadler pitched 10.1 innings in the big leagues last season. He had a 3.03 ERA with 5.6 K/9 and 1.7 BB/9 last year for Indianapolis. As stopgaps go, he's fine, although he's no Liriano, and you'd hope for the Pirates to give themselves their best chance of getting on a roll after being swept to start the season. Not that having a child is a bad reason to miss a start, obviously.