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Pirates release Jonathan Sandfort

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Pirates have released Jonathan Sandfort, their third-round pick in 2012, Tim Williams writes (subscription-only). Sandfort, a big, projectable pitcher, had a terrible time last year at Bristol, allowing 46 runs in 37.1 innings. Tim also notes that Sandfort left camp this spring for personal reasons.

Sandfort was only 17 when the Pirates drafted him. He's yet another piece of evidence that these high-upside high-school pitchers often don't work out. The Bucs also recently released Zack Von Rosenberg, their top high-school arm from the 2009 draft, after he failed to develop. Looking at each of these guys on a one-by-one, results-oriented approach can make you miserable -- the $462,000 the Bucs gave Sandfort to sign is money they'll never get back. But it's worth it to take nine or ten of these guys if even one turns out to be Tyler Glasnow, who, like Sandfort, was a big and somewhat lightly regarded high-school pitcher when he was drafted in the early rounds.