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After disastrous start, Brewers considering 'reset'

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

After a terrible 2-12 start, the Brewers are considering a "reset," Jon Heyman writes.

"It's good we have 140 some games left. But we've got to see change here. We've got to see the arrow pointing in the other direction pretty soon," [GM Doug] Melvin said. "Maybe there's a point you have to say, you have to reset, retool."

It's a little unclear what "reset" and "retool" might mean. The obvious conclusion is that the Brewers could fire Ron Roenicke, but Melvin denies that's the case, and Heyman notes elsewhere that a "total change in plans" is a possibility.

It's hard for the Brewers to do any worse than they have so far. As a Pirates fan, the Brewers' terrible start is great to see. It's a small sample size, obviously, but it's a real problem for them -- their talent level was already somewhat marginal, and to contend this year they'll now have to crawl out of a hole that's already eight games deep. That's a tall order, even before considering Jonathan Lucroy's injury and all the other problems they've had.

Last month, I wrote that I basically understood why the Brewers stayed the course this offseason. They had enough talent that contending wasn't impossible (even if it wasn't likely), and their farm system, though improving, was shallow enough and young enough that a rebuild would be long and painful. If the Brewers are close to starting a rebuild now, that's great, because like a Milwaukee winter, it's likely to take a long, long time.