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Stolmy Pimentel suggested as trade possibility for Tigers, but not a great fit

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The Tigers are reportedly close to finding relief help:

Steve Adams of MLBTR suggests that Stolmy Pimentel could be a possibility. Of course, that isn't likely for any number of reasons that Adams also notes. The Tigers have since denied Morosi's report, for one thing. And there are a number of relievers currently available in free agency, some of whom might be more appealing that Pimentel to a Tigers organization that's currently built around veterans. I'd be surprised if Pimentel were particularly appealing to Detroit. But I'll mention this here anyway, because if the Pirates do trade Pimentel, who is out of options and who is blocking better players from making the team, you'd expect them to do it soon.

The Pirates likely won't have the easiest time trading Pimentel (if they even want to) because there are very few obviously bad teams. If this were ten years ago and teams like the Pirates, Royals and Rays were perennial laughingstocks, trading Pimentel to a team like that would make sense. The new team would get a high-upside arm and wouldn't have to worry much about the fact that he's out of options, because there would be little downside to plugging him into their bullpen. As it stands, most teams have a decent amount of talent or are at least acting like they do, meaning it's going to be tough to strike a deal. Even the Phillies, who are the consensus worst team in baseball, are a big-payroll team obsessed with veterans. It's likely, then, that Pimentel will either pitch well to start the season or the Pirates will have to let him go for nothing.