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Pirates Opening Day roster: Bucs recall Rob Scahill, DFA Stolmy Pimentel and Pedro Florimon

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Pirates have set their season-opening roster with a flurry of moves.  In a surprise, after placing Charlie Morton on the 15-day disabled list, they recalled right-handed reliever Rob Scahill, who was optioned to AAA just a few days ago.  The fact that they recalled Scahill rather than the much more imposing John Holdzkom may be an indication that they hoping to make one or more further moves.  They now have two open spots on the 40-man roster because . . . .

The team also designated Stolmy Pimentel and Pedro Florimon for assignment.  Pimentel, of course, could have been retained instead of Scahill.  After a weak spring, they may finally have concluded they've done what they could with him.  Florimon lost out on the final bench spot to Andrew Lambo.  The Pirates no doubt are hoping both players clear waivers, although the specter of Toronto looms.  What Pimentel seemed to be lacking, at least in my opinion, was a season as a starter in AAA.  Instead, he was treated like a Rule 5 selection last year, with the Pirates battling for a playoff spot.  Florimon would be useful depth.  With Justin Sellers hurt, the only real shortstop in AAA now is Gustavo Nunez.

Also added to the 15-day disabled list were Sellers (sore heel), OF Jaff Decker (strained calf), C Chris Stewart (strained hamstring), and Brandon Cumpton (Tommy John surgery).  Cumpton, of course, can be transferred to the 60-day disabled list once the 40-man roster is full and the team needs a slot.  These moves obviously mean that Arquimedes Caminero has made the team as a reliever.

UPDATE by Charlie: WTM and I were apparently writing posts on this topic at the same time. Here are my views on the topic.

Pimentel and Florimon were both out of options. Scahill has one option remaining, so he'll give the Pirates a bit of additional flexibility. It is somewhat weird that they would turn to Scahill rather than John Holdzkom, given that both Pimentel and Florimon were designated. That situation could be temporary, although the reasons for Scahill over Holdzkom right now are mysterious to me.

As for the two players the Pirates designated, Florimon's upside is obviously fairly limited since he can't hit at all. He could be a useful utility guy for the right team, but the Pirates, who already have plenty of infielders, aren't that team.

The potential loss of Pimentel is more significant. Some Pirates fans tend to talk about his upside in hushed tones, and he does have a good arm. Statistically, though,there isn't a ton to recommend him, and what he really needs is more time in Triple-A. Now that he's been designated for assignment, he'll either get that time or become another team's roster headache. The Bucs are taking a risk by designating Pimentel, and whether it's worth it to designate him in order to keep another marginal player like Scahill is an open question. In the long term, I think it's worth it to avoid having a reliever Clint Hurdle doesn't trust in roster purgatory, and maybe this is the right time to try to sneak Pimentel through waivers. We'll see.