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2015 MLB Draft: Pirates connected to Cornelius Randolph, Cody Ponce, Joe McCarthy in new mock

Peter Aiken/Getty Images

The Pirates take Georgia high school shortstop Cornelius Randolph at No. 19 in Keith Law's new mock (Insider-only). Law doesn't add much about the Pirates' reasoning here, but he isn't the first to connect the Pirates to Randolph -- Baseball America had the Bucs picking him a couple weeks back. Randolph seems to be less a future big-league shortstop than a lefty hitter with a good bat who might end up at another position, possibly third base.

Law also, however, says the Pirates like Cal Poly Pomona righty Cody Ponce. Ponce is 6-foot-5 and already touches the mid-90s, so that sounds like a player the Bucs would like, although notes that his secondary stuff hasn't caught up with his fastball. Law says he's raw and points out that he's had shoulder issues, although he's gotten good results this year.

Law also says the Pirates showed interest in left-handed Virginia outfielder Joe McCarthy (yes, that's really his name) last year. McCarthy had back surgery in January and hasn't hit for any power whatsoever since returning last month (producing a remarkable .234/.402/.266 line in 64 at-bats). Health permitting, McCarthy seems like an advanced college hitter who will take walks and get on base, although he hasn't shown much home-run power yet, and hadn't even before this season. Given his health issues, it seems unlikely the Pirates would take him at No. 19, but he might be a name worth watching for No. 32 or later on in the draft.