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Tyler Glasnow, Austin Meadows, Jameson Taillon appear in Keith Law's top 25 prospects list

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Tyler Glasnow (No. 9), Austin Meadows (No. 13) and Jameson Taillon (No. 22) all appear in Keith Law's updated list of the top 25 prospects in baseball.

I saw on Twitter that Law had included three Pirates in the list, and I assumed they would be Glasnow, Meadows and Josh Bell, even though I know Law isn't as high on Bell as some other analysts are. Ranking Taillon that high seems awfully ambitious to me at this point, but we'll know more once he returns, and Law knows better than I do. Glasnow is about where I would have expected. It's great to see Meadows ranked so high, but it's a fair reflection of how brilliantly he's played when he's been healthy. He only turned 20 this month and barely has 500 pro plate appearances, but he's dominated at every level in which he's logged significant time, including the Florida State League, where the average age is 22.6. Law notes that Meadows profiles as a right fielder; it could be interesting to see what happens with the Pirates' outfield here in a couple years if Meadows stays on track.

By the way, the entire rest of the NL Central only has three players on the list -- Kyle Schwarber (Cubs), Orlando Arcia (Brewers), and Alex Reyes (Cardinals). Obviously, one reason there are only three is that the Cubs have graduated about 82 potential superstars to the majors in the past year, but it's still nice to see the Bucs' competition lagging behind.