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MLB Draft 2015: Pirates pick Daz Cameron in new mock

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Keith Law's latest mock draft (Insider-only) has the Pirates taking Georgia high school outfielder Daz Cameron, Mike's son.

I think they're also in best player available mode, but a couple of execs have cited the Pirates' willingness to go over slot for a premium player in thinking they'd make a good landing spot for Cameron or Cornelius Randolph.

Getting Cameron at No. 19 seems like a favorable outcome for the Pirates -- he's gone in the top ten in many other mock drafts, sometimes going to the Rangers at No. 4 or the Twins at No. 6. ranks him the 12th-best prospect available, noting that he should stick in center field (like his dad, although perhaps expecting that caliber of defense is surely unrealistic) and has good all-around tools.  He's committed to Florida State.

That Cameron might be available demonstrates pretty clearly how little agreement there is about the top prospects in this draft. Cameron might or might not fall to the Pirates. But even if the Bucs' idea of who the best player available is doesn't differ too radically from everyone else's, there should be someone available who they'll be very happy to pick. No. 32 should be the same way, actually. I have no idea who either of those picks will be, but the Bucs' first two selections should be a lot of fun to watch unfold.