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Interview central: Keith Law, Joe Sheehan, Brian Kenny, David Manel, Travis Sawchik & more

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Lots of great guests on the show the past two weeks, and with a late start tonight in San Diego I thought I'd provide some links if you were looking to kill some time before the first pitch.

Just before the Memorial Day weekend, I had a chance to speak with Travis Sawchik about his new book, Indianapolis Indians manager Dean Treanor about a number of players in AAADavid Manel about his excellent article on how replay is impacting play on the bases, and Brian Kenny, host on MLB Network and one of my all-time favorites. I should have gotten these up last week but I don't think any of them are dated. Not to highlight any one more than another, but I really enjoyed hearing David's thought process behind the article, the germination of the idea and the process of putting it together, with it not going where he originally anticipated.

This Wednesday I had a chance to talk with the always entertaining and insightful Joe Sheehan. On Friday I talked with Keith Law, focusing largely on the upcoming MLB Draft and the different avenues teams can pursue in terms of strategy with their bonus pools. I also spoke to Daren Willman, the founder of and, two incredibly useful sites, about his development of those sites and scraping the newly-available data from

Charlie and Tim Williams are regular guests on the show, and you can find their interviews as well on the podcast page. As always, I hope you find this stuff entertaining and informative. All feedback is appreciated.