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Brewers fire Ron Roenicke, will replace him with Craig Counsell

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It's been a tough weekend to be a Pirates fan, but hey -- at least we don't root for Milwaukee. The Brewers' disaster season reached its logical conclusion today as they fired manager Ron Roenicke. They will reportedly replace him with former infielder and current special assistant to the GM Craig Counsell.

It is, of course, difficult to say if Counsell will be a good hire or not. Most indications, though, suggest that he'll preside over a Brewers team that will be rebuilding. In a report today, GM Doug Melvin essentially said that the main reason the Brewers haven't made trades yet is because it's too early to find partners. I'd add that another reason they might be best served to wait a bit is that it won't be easy to get good returns for their players until they start to produce a little, which they mostly haven't. (In the same post linked immediately above, by the way, is some speculation about the Pirates trading for Adam Lind, which I don't understand right now -- they already have a lefty first baseman in Pedro Alvarez.) In any case, Roenicke's dismissal suggests serious unease in Milwaukee. As much as the Pirates have frustrated us lately, hey -- at least it's worse up there.