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2015 MLB Draft: Pirates picks from Day 3 who might, or might not, be important

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

On Day 3, the Pirates appear to have picked a number of players who will require modest bonuses to sign -- many of their selections can continue playing at the amateur level and therefore have at least some leverage. But it doesn't look like they selected many players who will require bank-breaking bonuses. I don't see anyone like Gage Hinsz, who got a $580,000 bonus as an 11th-rounder and was pretty obviously the Pirates' key pick from Day 3 last year.

This late in the draft, though, I could be wrong about who's important. Obviously, I'm not scouting these guys myself, so major props to Baseball America and others who do the actual work. And before we get started, I'd like to take a sentence to note several Pirates draft picks not mentioned below who have terrific names: Scooter Hightower (15), Nicholas Economos (21), Mike Wallace (30), James Marvel (36) and Tate Scioneaux (39). And with that, here are some key Pirates picks from Day 3 of the draft. You can see the full list here.

12. Ty Moore, OF, UCLA. Moore hit .342/.428/.479 at a major college program this year, demonstrating excellent plate discipline, and performed well in the Cape Cod League last summer. Baseball America calls him "a natural-born hitter with a pretty left-handed stroke" but noted that he does not run well. He's a junior, so he'll likely cost a bit of money to sign.

13. Logan Ratledge, 2B/SS, NC State. BA ranked Ratledge the 157th-best prospect in the draft, and he's a senior with little signing leverage, so he's probably a pretty good get this late in the draft. He hit .329/.431/.558 this season, doubling his home run total from five to 10. BA notes that he'll probably end up a second baseman.

16. Nick Hibbing, RHP, Iowa. Hibbing has had some good performances recently:

Hibbing walked just five batters in 51.2 innings of relief in his senior season in the Big Ten.

19. Ike Schlabach, LHP, Texas HS. I don't know much about Schlabach, but he's worth watching this late in the draft because he's a 6-foot-5 high school pitcher. He's committed to Texas A&M Corpus Christi.

24. John Bormann, C, Texas - San Antonio. BA ranks Bormann the No. 433 prospect in the draft, noting that he doesn't hit much but plays good enough defense that he might one day be a big-league backup. He's a senior.

32. Cole Irvin, LHP, Oregon. BA ranks Irvin No. 337. He had a good freshman season, but he lost 2014 to Tommy John surgery, and BA notes that his stuff and command have been slow to return. He's posted low strikeout rates throughout his college career.

37. Eli White, SS, Clemson. BA ranks White No. 259 in the draft, noting that he's rough around the edges defensively but could eventually become a strong defensive shortstop. He hit .297/.380/.405 this season. He's a draft-eligible sophomore, so he does have leverage in negotiations.