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Pirates promote Willy Garcia to Indianapolis

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Pirates have promoted outfielder Willy Garcia from Altoona to Indianapolis, Cory Giger reports. The Pirates wanted the free-swinging Garcia to work on controlling the strike zone this year, and while his 47:11 K:BB ratio at Altoona was still questionable, he did hit .314 with a .353 OBP there this season. I'm a little skeptical of how he'll do facing higher-level pitching, but he clearly deserves the opportunity.

There is, however, this problem:

One possibility, as Tim suggests, is that the Pirates could designate Corey Hart for assignment and move someone up. Hart currently serves no real purpose, particularly with Sean Rodriguez and Jose Tabata on the roster, and the Pirates could use another outfielder, even if it's someone left-handed. Promoting Decker or even Hernandez would make sense.

UPDATE: The Bucs have demoted Rojas from Indianapolis to Altoona, relieving the logjam and probably completing Rojas' transition from prospect to organizational guy.