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Ke'Bryan Hayes agrees to $1,855,000 deal

Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

We noted earlier that Ke'Bryan Hayes and the Pirates had agreed to terms, but Jon Heyman notes that Hayes will receive $1,855,000, which is the exact bonus pool recommendation for the No. 32 pick.

Bonus amounts for some of the other signed picks have also trickled in. Kevin Newman will receive $2,175,000, saving about $100,000 against the bonus pool. Sixth-rounder J.T. Brubaker will get $200,000, saving around $46,000. Eighth-rounder Seth McGarry will receive $150,000, saving around $19,000. And ninth-rounder Bret Helton will get $150,000, saving about $7,000.

Much of that savings will, apparently, go to 22nd-rounder Nathan Trevillian, a high school pitcher from Virginia who was committed to Liberty University but who has reportedly agreed to terms for $250,000. $150,000 of that will count against the bonus pool. So, essentially, the Pirates are on pace to spend right up to their pool allotment of $7,392,200.

Third-rounder Casey Hughston has reportedly agreed to terms, but I haven't seen a bonus figure yet. Second-rounder Kevin Kramer, fourth-rounder Jacob Taylor, fifth-rounder Brandon Waddell, seventh-rounder Mitchell Tolman, and 10th-rounder Logan Sendelbach remain unsigned, at least as far as I know.