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Pirates outright Radhames Liz

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pirates have outrighted Radhames Liz to Triple-A Indianapolis.

Clint Hurdle said when Liz was designated for assignment that he expected Liz to be claimed on waivers, but that seemed a little unlikely to me -- Liz was an outside-the-box signing in the first place, and he wasn't particularly impressive in 11 outings with the Pirates this season. And, most importantly, he was making more than the big-league minimum. Vin Mazzaro's $950,000 salary was probably helped keep him from being claimed, and Liz's $1 million salary is likely the same way.

Salary aside, it's good that Liz will be at Indianapolis -- he wasn't as interesting as the Pirates probably hoped at the big-league level, but he's good depth, and the Pirates can use that at Triple-A. Given that Liz can pitch multiple innings and that the Pirates have already shown they can get him through waivers, it wouldn't be a surprise if we saw him again -- maybe he'll soak up some innings the day after an extra-inning game, for example.