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2015 MLB Draft: Pirates reportedly focused on high school pitching

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

The Pirates are reportedly interested in high school pitching with the No. 19 overall pick in the draft, according to both Baseball America's John Manuel and ESPN's Keith Law (Insider-only), who have posted their latest mocks. (Notably, this isn't merely a matter of Manuel and Law projecting the Bucs will select high school pitchers -- both of them write, specifically, that high school pitchers are the class of players in whom the Pirates are most interested.)

Manuel suggests the Bucs will take California prep lefty Kolby Allard. Allard is currently dealing with a back injury, so it's unclear how much progress he'll be able to make this season, and he's small at 6-foot, so he doesn't match the Pirates' pitching draftee prototype. He has a good fastball and curveball, according to, but like a lot of high school pitchers, he doesn't have much of a changeup yet. Law has the Pirates taking Pennsylvania prep righty Mike Nikorak, to whom they've been connected before. Manuel also projects the Bucs' No. 32 overall pick and has them taking Florida high school righty Triston McKenzie, a thin, projectable pitcher who's committed to Vanderbilt.