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2015 MLB Draft results: Pirates pick Ke'Bryan Hayes at No. 32

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

The Pirates have selected third baseman Ke'Bryan Hayes at No. 32. Hayes, the son of longtime big-league third baseman (and former Pirate) Charlie Hayes, had been connected to the Pirates with this pick in a couple mock drafts. He's committed to Tennessee but shouldn't be a tough sign.

Ke'Bryan has the defensive ability to stick at third, and characterizes him as a line-drive hitter with an advanced approach for a high schooler. Baseball America ranked him the No. 57 prospect in the draft, and notes that he generally tries to hit line drives rather than home runs. He was heavy when he was younger and lost some weight to get where he is, so he'll need to continue his good conditioning habits as a pro. As BA notes, he doesn't have prototypical first base power, and he already doesn't have great range at third base, so he needs to stay in shape so he can stick there.

As a high school hitter, even one with an advanced approach, the Pirates will probably move Hayes slowly once he signs, probably having him play in the Gulf Coast League or perhaps at Bristol this year. He could begin next year at either of the West Virginia affiliates, depending on how he progresses.

The Bucs passed on some better regarded players to take Hayes, including Daz Cameron and Kyle Funkhouser, but many teams appear to be doing that at this point in the draft. Between Hayes and Kevin Newman (who said earlier this evening that he was eager to sign and start his pro career), the Pirates should be able to save some money against their bonus pool to use elsewhere. Let's see what they do with it.

Here's some video.