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2015 MLB Draft results: Pirates pick Kevin Kramer at No. 62

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

With their second-round pick, No. 62 overall, the Pirates selected UCLA shortstop Kevin Kramer. Kramer reportedly is a very good hitter, although he doesn't have a ton of power. That probably makes him a bit like a lefty-swinging version of another Kevin, first-rounder Kevin Newman, although Kramer does hit home runs every once in a while -- he had seven this year in a .323/.423/.476 season.

Kramer tore his labrum and missed the entire 2014 season after having surgery, but Baseball America writes that he showed good arm strength upon returning this year. BA ranks Kramer the No. 133 prospect in the draft and suggests he probably best suited for third base as a pro, although he doesn't have prototypical power for that position. suggests Kramer could also become a second baseman.

Kramer is a junior, but he already has his degree, so signability shouldn't be an issue. None of the Pirates' first few picks should require expenditures that are wildly out of line, so they could still draft some tougher-to-sign players tomorrow.

It will be interesting to see where the Pirates assign the two Kevins -- they're both pretty high-level college players, so it's possible one will go to one West Virginia affiliate and the other will go to the other one. 2014 first-rounder Cole Tucker is already with the Power, of course.

Earlier today, of course, the Pirates picked Newman and Texas high school third baseman Ke'Bryan Hayes.