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Pirates rumors: Bucs, Phillies have discussed Ben Revere

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Pirates and Phillies have discussed outfielder Ben Revere, Rob Biertempfel tweets. (Biertempfel also mentions Jeff Francoeur, who, as previously noted, is really bad.)

Revere is a potential trade target who would actually make sense. He hits left-handed, so if the Pirates acquired him, they might just send Gregory Polanco to Indianapolis and treat Revere as a full-time starter. A right-handed outfielder to platoon with Polanco, rather than a lefty, would be ideal. But Revere is a good player with a long history of getting on base and providing additional value with his base stealing once he reaches. (He has 21 steals against five times caught this season, and swiped 49 bags and got caught eight times last year.) He's also solid defensively, as you'd expect from an outfielder with good speed. He has clearly outplayed Polanco this season, so while I think the Pirates need to put Polanco in a good position to succeed, it would make sense to replace Polanco with Revere, at least down the stretch this season.

Revere also has two more years of arbitration eligibility after this one, so if the Pirates acquired him, it would be interesting to see what they did in 2016, when I think Polanco should again be starting. Maybe they would trade Revere, or maybe they'd have him shift to a fourth-outfielder type of role. I'd love the latter route, actually -- the Bucs would still be able to find plenty of playing time for Revere, and it would be great if they had a bench player that good and that versatile. He'd be helpful as a defensive sub and as a pinch-runner.

It would likely take a nice prospect or two to acquire Revere -- not a Tyler Glasnow or Austin Meadows, but someone decent. Since Revere has a couple years of team control remaining, the Phillies shouldn't, and probably won't, give him up that cheaply.